Monday, July 27, 2009


I figured I should probably put the pictures from my California trip on here...(finally!) haha. Well, out of the 1,000 pictures we took (and I'm not joking...we took like 945 pictures or something really close to that) I took 16 that I thought we're either my favorite or showed off at least what we did on our trip! :)

First, we started our weekly long trip in Hollywood. We saw a sign for a "look-out point" for the Hollywood sign, so of course we went to check it out. After hiking up a vicious mountain ( wasn't that bad...but none of us were prepared to hike) we got to the look-out point and saw the picture I have above. If you squint really hard you can see the Hollywood Sign in the background really small. Well, it was cool...but not cool enough for the Lenkersdorfer family! So, we took our brand new GPS system and punched in the Hollywood Sign. And, we ended up here:

Basically right beneath it. Now, that was much much cooler than the other look-out. And of course, even with the GPS system we still got lost at some points (who would've guessed that the Lenkersdorfer Family got lost!) But the drive was way fun and being that close to it was amazing!

We also went down into Hollywood and walked around. We found Hugh Jackman's square in the Chinese Theater with his hand prints AND footprints. It was a magical moment! He had just gotten it in April 2009, so I was waaay excited to see it! I never could find his star though...nor Will Smith's. Which was very disappointing. Anyway, I also saw Denzel Washington's handprints, Johnny Depp's, and many others. That was super cool. I also saw Michael Jackson's star (it was super crowded and had a million of things on it!) I didn't put a picture on here...but I did get one. It's so weird to think that the "King of Pop" is dead. But, atleast we know that Thriller will never ever die! :)

Next, we went to the Wax Museum. They had Rambo just chilling outside, so, naturally, I got a picture with him! What else would you have expected me to do?!

Then, I saw HUGH JACKMAN!! In the wax! :) Yep, they have a wax stature of Hugh. It wasn't as glorious as if I would've seen him in the flesh...but it was still special. I just SWOON at the thought of him!! I also saw the Men In Black (and got a picture with them) and I saw Spiderman (and got a picture with him). There were alot of really cool wax statues...and some of them looked SOOO real!!!

Right across the street from the wax museum is the Museum of Records or the Ripley's Believe it or Not or...something like that! Anyway, I got to see what I would look like as a fat kid. Personally, I don't think I look all that bad. But, I would get kind of hot in the summer I, just in case, I may lay off on that extra brownie.

Once I was inside, Elvis was just waiting for me! So, I went straight into his arms and we sung a duet. I was amazing! (anyone who has heard me sing can testify how great of a singer I am) Elvis on the other hand...not so great. He was just a little...rusty. (hehe) Anyway, I think we make a GREAT team!

Over the next couple of days we spent our time in Universal Studios. We had alot of fun there (excluding the House of Horrors, in which the Butcher made me start crying and I accidently (I Swear it was an accident!!) hit the poor guy in front of me. It was all very embarassing and I vow never to go into a House of Horrors again!) Anyway, here we are just right in front of the World. My two favorite things was the Simpsons Ride and the Studio Tours. It was really cool seeing a whole bunch of different sets including War of Worlds, Psycho, Jaws, Desperate Housewives, The Grinch, and even a section where part of Pirates of the Carribean was filmed! But, the best ride was definitely The Simpsons Ride!

Speaking of The Simpsons...we actually got a picture with Bart and Lisa! It was a special moment for me. Especially since I LOVE The Simpsons! Later we saw Marge and Homer, but we didn't have time to get a picture with them.

Right next to Unviversal Studios is the Warner Brother Studios. So, on a whim, we decided to take a tour. It was one of the best parts of the trips! We got to see sets for movies and TV shows like Gilmore Girls and Spiderman (we saw where they did the famous upside-down kiss! Really interesting fact about that: In order for raindrops to show on film, they had the be three times as big. So, when they were filming that scene from Spiderman, Tobey Maguire (the actor) kept yelling CUT, because water was going up his nose and literally drowning him. So, they took cotton swabs and covered them in vaseline, then stuck them up his nose, so he wouldn't drown while doing the romantic kissing scene. [VERY romantic...right?!] Anyway, we actually got to go on the set for Two and A Half Men (staring Charlie Sheen) and we got to see Central Perk from FRIENDS! Now, the coolest part: That couch were sitting on in the picture above, it the actual couch from FRIENDS!! Yeah! Waaay cool, right?! I'm sitting where Rachel or Phoebe usually sits. Even Chandler has sat there before! :) Special, right? After that, we also got to see a museum, where they had Batman's costume, the Joker's Costume (I'm still sad that Heath Ledger is gone!), many other things I don't remember...and all upstairs of the museum was Harry Potter stuff!! Woot Woot! Harry Potter! It was so cool! I saw the petrified Hermione from Chamber of Secrets and Aragog (the spider). I saw the clothing from the Yule Ball and the Marauder's Map (which was special for me since I LOVE the Marauders!!). There was a whole bunch of Quidditch stuff...the Cupboard under the stairs! Harry's Hogwart's Letter was there. And the Sorting Hat! I got Sorted by the Sorting Hat! I was put into.....*drumroll*.....GRYFFINDOR! Both my parents were put into Hufflepuff and my sister was put into Slytherin. (I always knew there was some kind of secret agenda going on behind her motives!) Anyway, I'm getting a little too excited just remembering everything! So...I'm going to move on...

After Universal Studios, we went to Malibu and Beverly Hills ((that's where I want to be!)) They weren't as impressive as thought they would be...or maybe I just didn't see the glamorous parts of them. But, we did find this cool sign! So, me and my sister did a jumping picture! Whee!

Then, we saw the Whomping Willow!! (Yep, more Harry Potter) I cast a Freeze Spell on it so I could take a picture with it! :) The funny thing is, I had gotten a shirt from the Warner Brothers Studios that I was wearing that day. On the front it said: "I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good" and on the back it says: "Mischief Managed". It was awesome that I was wearing it when I got to see the "Whomping Willow". It was like I was an actual Marauder and I was just preparing myself to go on an escapade with my four friends to help one of them who was a werewolf. I took a Facebook Quiz and it said my animagus form would be an eagle...I could live with that!

On Sunday we went down to Catalina Island! It was a fun place. The boat ride over was nice (the boat ride home...not so nice! It was super cold!!)

We rented a golf cart for an hour and explored the island. This is me and my sister in the golfcart. We hiked a little, spent some time on the was a relaxful, yet fun day!

The next big thing for our trip was Sea World! I loved Sea World! (And would totally go again in a heartbeat!) The animals and shows were waay fun! My favorite were the Sea Lions and Otters. They're soo cute! The shark tank was really cool too! Oh, and the Penguins!! I loved it all! :)

We were standing at the Dolphin tank when the Dolphin was right there next to us!! I wanted to touch it sooo bad, but there were a million signs saying we couldn't! But, suddenly, a voice from above *coughINTERCOMcough* spoke up and said it was okay to touch the dolphins. So, I wasn't going to pass up this oppourtunity!! I reached my hand over and stroked the dolphin that was just chilling right next to us. The Dolphin may have freaked out a bit...I think it was just surprised. So, my mom decides to reach over, and try again. And, naturally, the dolphin had the same reaction! Another guy tried to touch it, but a worker came over and said that we probably weren't in the best spot to touch a dolphin! haha. So, me and my mom got a picture with this dolphin showing that we touched the dolphin!

Anyway, that was the basics of our trip. There was so much more that we did, but I've already spent over an hour just writing about all this stuff....and I don't even want to know how long it took you to read all this! If you actually read it...most of you probably saw how long it was, read one or two captions (three at the MOST) but just skimmed through the pictures. You'd have no idea that I was just rambling on and on about things that most of you probably just don't care about! (But, you have to admit...the fact about Spiderman is awesome! And for everyone who actually read that...I sincerely hope that I've ruined that scene for you from now on! Because everytime you watch that movie you get to the most romantic kiss EVER, you're going to think: "HA! You have Petrolium Jelly up your nose!" (hehehe)
And THAT, my friends, was the point of this blog!