Thursday, June 25, 2009

Having Fun at the Lake

Last night I went to the lake with all the youth in my ward. It was a lot of fun! It's weird to think that that was my last activity as a young women. Yup, that's right! As of July 2009, I'll officially be in Relief Society! Weird, right? Anyway, the Lake Trip is something my ward does every year and it really was a blast! Of course, I have some pictures from it:

This is me and Tiff. We both got really car sick from the ride up, so we were just sitting there waiting for the feeling of throwing up to pass. After we got over it, we had much more fun! :)

They had a jet ski there just in case any one got stranded then they could use it. Unfortunately I didn't get to ride it because they said you had to be 18 and responsible! (Stupid rules!) But, it was fun getting a picture with it. Still wish I could have riden it though!

One of the main things we do at the lake it ride in canoes. So, of course, I had to get in one and go around.

So, that was my lake trip and my very last mutual activity! (Or atleast the last one I go to where I'm actually in Young Womens...) I've loved being in this ward and in this young womens program...and I especially love going to the lake! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


Basically, I have the hardest job in the world! I have to answer phones, ring up customers, send out catalogues to prospective brides...oh, and of course goof off indefinitely! Today was an extra tough day! I had to send out catalogues, answer a call, help Britty create a blog, answer another phone call, help Kairi create her blog, create my own blog, answer another call, look at cakes online, answer one last call, clock out, try on a wedding dress, take goofy pictures of myself, Kassi, and Brittany, change back into my regular clothes, go home, and of course, blog about the whole thing! Now, I know that sounds tough...but I'm no super hero or anything...I promise! (Although Kairi does tell me I am the best Receptionist...I guess I could be Super Receptionist! Fighting Off Bridezillas and their pushy mothers!) Anyway, I just try and do the best I can! :) So, here's the pictures of our "impossibly busy" day here at AZB&F! (I still like AZBW 10x better!)
So, here's me trying on one of my favorite dresses EVER! (The 3931 as I learned the other day!) But, when I tried it wasn't as magical for me as I thought it was going to be...oh well. I still really really like it!

I often refer to this dress as the "Greek Goddess" Dress, because that's what I think it looks like...but another name we call it is the maternity dress because a pregnent bride once bought it and looked gorgeous in it! So, we were just reliving her memory through me! :) Although, you have to admit...I look dang good as a pregnent bride! (Don't worry! I'm not going to get pregnent before I get married!! I'm just saying...)

This is Britty in a poofy veil accented with rhinestones. I told her that I thought this veil fit her perfectly! :) cute! This is me, Brittany, and Kassi just being silly...uh, I mean working very very hard! We the veils and tiaras! That's right! :)