Thursday, May 20, 2010

New York, New York

So, now, I'm married and back from my honeymoon, and what do I do as soon as I get home to UT? I pack all of my stuff and move to New York for the summer! It has been such a crazy month! But, so far I've loved almost every part of it! :)

So, the reason why we're in New York is because of CW. CW is now a summer salesman for Pinnacle Security Systems. He works long days (from 12pm to about 10pm Monday through Friday and from 9am to 10pm on Saturdays. Don't worry...he has Sundays OFF!) and he works really really hard! We moved here at the end of April, beginning of May and we'll be here until the end of August. It's tough spending all day with out him, but hopefully it'll be worth it! If our plans work out like we're hoping it to, then CW won't have to work (or if he's does, it will be very very little) through out the school year. So, we can focus on school and spending time together! We're doing pretty well so far! CW is one of the top first year salesman! Yay!

It's been pretty fun so far though! I've been able to explore the city a little bit during the week, and then on Sundays we'll go out and see things together. It's been a crazy month, but things are finally starting to die down! :)

So, here I am, in New York City. I'm excited to see what kind of adventures I have while I'm here! :)

(in Central pretty!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Honeymoon Part Two (Our Final Destination)

Well, we moved on from New Mexico and headed into the next state.


Colorado is such a beautiful state! I love it! I definitely wouldn't complain if we ended up there someday! :) We stayed the night somewhere in CO after Las Vegas in New Mexico. The next morning we got up, ready to go to our final destination. (Which I knew was somewhere in CO!)

We stopped to get lunch at a Chipotle, only to find as we stop my car that it was smoking.
No, I'm not kidding. When I say that I have bad luck with cars I honestly mean it.

We opened up the hood of my car and discovered that a pipe had burst, leaking coolant all over my engine. So, as soon as we were done eating, off we went to Superior Truck and Auto to help us fix our car.

Luckily, it only took a little over an hour and didn't cost us very much money to fix. But, the point is that we did spend some time here at this car repair shop in Colorado. Joy.

After he got it fixed up with a new pipe, we were on our way. We drove through the beautiful mountains into the forests and ended up at a cabin. Next to the river. Oh yeah, I have an awesome husband!

There were a whole bunch of condo-like cabins on one side, then you had to cross a bridge over the river, and on the other side stood one lone cabin, complete with it's own personal hot tub. That's where we stayed. Yeah. My husband is good!

As you can see, when we got there, there was a little bit of snow on the ground. It was absolutely breath-taking! And the fact that it was next to a river made it wonderful. We stayed here for three days and just had so much fun taking walks next to the river, laying out looking at the stars at night, running back and getting warm in our hot tub. We honestly had no worries. Our phones didn't work and we had no internet, so it was just CW and I. There was hardly anyone else staying at the cabins there, so it was almost like we had this whole forest and river to ourselves. It was amazing!

It was so cool to have our own hot tub right outside our front door. We were the only ones who had a private hot tub. :) It was awesome!

We had so much fun together! It really was an amazing experience. I couldn't have asked for a better honeymoon destination!

It was in Estes Park, CO. So, we went down to Old Town Estes Park and explored there for a while.

We finished up our honeymoon by heading back to Longmont, CO (where CW is from) and grabbing the 4-wheelers. I'd never been 4-wheeling before, so I was super excited to go. We headed up into the mountains and went off. I got to drive it for a little bit too!

CW and I have so much fun together no matter what we do! I'm so grateful for him and all of the many adventures that he's already taken me on (or is taking me the case may be now!) I love him dearly and I'm excited for what life has in store for us in the future!

Honeymoon Part One (Not As Scary As It Sounds I Promise)

Now, I have to start out by explaining (or reminding you) that CW did NOT tell me where we were going on our honeymoon. I would wake up in the morning and he would tell me where we were going that day. It was a BLAST! I would highly recommend all couples to do that for their honeymoon. It was so much fun being surprised and wondering where we were going to be going the next day.

Our honeymoon started off when we left the church house. It was a beautiful reception! My mom did such a fantastic job decorating! Everything was perfect! (I'll have to put pictures up from that soon!) When we walked out of the building this was the first thing we saw:

Oh joy. We had "fun" getting in and out of that.

The next morning as we're getting ready to leave, we get into our trashed car and realized that our battery was dead. Ugh, me and my car problems! On my honeymoon. Luckily, we found an older woman who had jumper cables and was able to jump us. We were talking to her for a bit and before she left, she handed us a bag and told us that we could consider that to be her wedding gift to us. We opened it up and it was her jumper cables. She was such a sweet old woman! We were so grateful for all of her help for us.

We headed back to my parents place and got the car cleaned out. We also charged the battery in my car so that we hopefully wouldn't have any more problems! hahaha We said good-bye to the family, got to the car, and headed out on our adventure to:

Albuquerque, New Mexico

I'd never been there before, so I was pretty excited. I knew that we'd only be staying there one night, so we wouldn't get to do too much, but we still had plenty of adventures!

We started off in New Mexico by seeing a sign that said "free petrified rock". So, naturally, we stopped at this little Indian Shop and got our free petrified rock.

After that, we saw a sign for the Painted Desert. Unfortunately, we only had 30 minutes before it closed. So...what did we do? We went in, (naturally) and we stopped at every stop that we could, ran out of the car (leaving it running) took a picture, ran back into the car, and headed to the next stop. It was some of the most fun I'd had!

It was absolutely gorgeous! The colors were amazing. And, I am proud to say that we made it to the end!! Yay! At the very end of it, they had this old rustic car, just sitting out in the middle of nowhere. So, we hopped inside and took pictures in it. :)

After that, we spent the night in New Mexico. But, the next morning we woke up ready for what ever was going to bring us that day! It started out for us with pouring rain and hail! It was so cool! At one point, we decided to stop along the road and kiss in the rain. :) This is us after we kissed in the rain. I don't know if you can see it...but, we have rain drops on our face!

As we were driving along New Mexico, heading to our next destination, we saw a sign for "Las Vegas". So, he immediately took the exit to see where it would take us!


All right, so it wasn't the real Las Vegas. :) But, it was still a lot of fun! It was this really small old town in New Mexico. We saw a hotel called the Plaza Hotel, and thought it looked really cool. It was.

We went inside and took pictures in the hotel. I don't know if we were allowed to...but it was way too cool to pass up! It had a ballroom, a conservatory, all of the old rustic looking artifacts! So cool. :) So, we just walked in and gave ourselves a tour. Taking lots of pictures along the way.

Outside of the hotel, they had a gazebo, so we went to the gazebo and spent a little bit of time there before we headed off going to the next place for our honeymoon.

New Mexico was so much fun and I would gladly go again with my wonderful husband! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Nice Day For A Walker Wedding

So, here are some of my favorite pictures from the wedding that I've gotten so far. There's a few more I haven't received yet, but here are the ones that I really really like!

Here is CW's favorite picture!

I love this picture!

We got married at the Mesa, AZ temple at 12:00. It was a BEAUTIFUL day that day! Perfect weather (sunny and nice!). It was amazing.

This is probably one of my absolute favorites so far! I love it!

This would probably be my other favorite. :)

So, those are the pictures! I absolutely love being married now and I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to meet CW and marry him for all time and eternity in the temple. :) I couldn't be happier!!