Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Really Long List of Things I've Done Recently

Well...I hope you're ready for an overload of information! I've done ALOT the past few weeks and I'm about to share ALL of it! You thought I had alot of pictures from California? ... You were wrong! :) So, as a new chapter of my life begins, I wanted to start by reviewing the last few pages.

My mom is incredible! I love her so much. Before I left she made cookies and asked me to remember her as the mom who always made delicious cookies. So, in retaliation, I brought her Jamba Juice to her work one day. Then, I asked her to remember me as the daughter who always visits her at work, bringing gift. haha. I love my mom so much and I miss her!

One of the weirdest experiences I had before I left was working my LAST DAY EVER at Arizona's Bridal Warehouse. (On Broadway about 2 blocks east of the 101 Freeway) When people ask me what my number is, I'm still tempted to say, "Our number is 480.517.0027, and I hope to hear from you soon!" Obviously...that wouldn't work out too well....although, I guess I could always give it to a guy I really don't want having my number. :) hehehe. Anyway, I loved working at the Bridal store! Some of my favorite memories come from there and all of the girls were amazing!! I miss them soo much too!!

One of my best friends through out high school was Alicia Sampson! I was always guaranteed a good time when I hung out with her. I think i have more inside jokes with her than I do anyone else! Right, Detective? :) Alicia is over at NAU now, and I know that she'll be amazing at no matter what she does!

Katie Wilson! Truly one of the greatest friends I could ever have! I've always LOVED spending time with her and just chatting about whatever's on our minds. It's always been such a relief to know that there is someone amazing who really cares about me and loves to spend time with me! In this picture below, we're making a "model pose". It's a Lyndsie/Katie thing. :) I think that Katie is the next person in line I have the most inside jokes with! Everytime we got a camera, we'd do a model pose. Did it ever turn out? No...not really. But was it absolutely fun and silly? 100% Yes!

Katie's going to NAU aswell this year. She'll be studying music via the violin. I KNOW she'll be amazing at it! She always was the greatest violinist in my eyes! In this picture we were thinking of cute boys...what else? In particular...we were thinking of a certain boy. Yes...I know. It's CLEARLY obvious who we're thinking of. ... Draco Malfoy. *sigh* I would miss Katie...but I still talk to her on a regular basis, which I'm so grateful for! She truly is one of the best friends a girl could have and I sincerely hope we never loose touch with one another!

Every time I get together with Madison Moffitt, we have so much fun! I've alwaysloved hanging out with her. She stayed back down in Mesa, and I'm sure she's dating boys like crazy! ;) haha just kidding Mads! (But, really....a gorgeous girl like you will be married in no time! So, send me the invitation please!) ..... hehehe. She's such a sweet girl and inpiration to me!

as you can tell...most of the time, I don't take completely normal pictures....Is that such a bad thing? Abby Wells is such a doll! Through out the summer,we found ourselves hanging out with each other much much more. Unfortunately, I should've gone to work out with her more than what I did...(they weren't kidding when they said freshman 15!) She up at BYU Provo right now. She was another great friend and I'm really glad that she was there for me through out the summer!

Before I left Mesa, I had to go out and do as many fun things as I could! Hanging out with a whole bunch of girls and taking goofy pictures was one of them! Another thing I did was go see Beauty and the Beast. We got to get a picture with them afterwards, cause they were like related to Maddi or something.....I don't know. But, it was waaay fun!

The single-greatest thing I had the opportunity to do before I went was to go to the temple with two of my best friends: Aaron Webb and Bradley Bishop. As I've mentioned before, both of them have gotten their mission calls. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever had and I wouldn't trade itfor ANYTHING in the entire world!

If there's one thing in Mesa I miss the most, its the Mesa Temple. There's just something about it that I've always loved. I know I'll see it again, but there's just a place in my heart that will always go out towards that temple.

Well, finally, we're getting to me leaving for UT. I'm currently going to the LDS Business College in Salt Lake City. The drive up was so much fun, but really long! I got to drive up in "my" car with my sister Jaimee. Since she's been home, me and Jaimee have grown so close! I really miss her being with me. We've had so much fun together!

All the way up, we took pictures of ourselves...cause what else was there to do? It wasn't while I was driving of course!! She's such a great person,and I'm really glad that she was there for me this summer!

The total time it took to get from my house to Salt Lake was about 13 hours. We drove about 12.5 hours one day, got a hotel for a night, then went into Salt Lake to move me in the next day. I really miss Arizona and it's "mountains". It so weird living here...but, it seems pretty natural so far.

Well...I know that there's one thing that you've all been waiting for! So...drumroll please!


I have a bathroom!! Woot woot! I had a picture of it...but I accidently deleted itfrom this blog...and I don't want to take the time to put it back up....Oops. Anyway, here's my dorm room! It's so much fun living here! I live in the Plaza Hotel across the street from the Salt Lake Temple. (No joke!)

The one person I grew really close with over the past few years was my dad! If there's anyone I miss hanging out with its him! (Sorry everyone else) My dad was my buddy. Through out all my highschool years we spent so much time together! He was truly the most amazing dad any girl could ever have! I miss him soo much!

This is the outside of where I live. I wasn't kidding when I said I lived in a hotel!

Luckily, some of my family don't live too far from me. I lvoe both of my grandparents so much and I can't wait until this Sunday when I can see them again! They're so loving and amazing!

One of the perks of living in Salt Lake is I get to go to Temple Square almost every day! (I've been there every day except for ONE!!) It is such an amazing temple and you can reallyfeel the spirit strong there! ('s not QUITE as strong as the Mesa temple!)

For orientation of the school, we had the opportunity to hike Ensign Peak. It was such a beauiful sight! This is me and my roomate, Suzanne on the top! She's such an amazing roomate. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better one. (I personally think I've been kind of a sucky roomate lately, but I'm changing that!) She's so patient with me and such a great friend!

Sillouette picture on ensign peak. :)
Well, that's how its been for me so far! It's been quite an adventure. I've learned alot about myself lately and hopefully, I'll continue to grow!