Friday, October 23, 2009

What I REALLLY Do At College

:) Here's what I've been up to:


This is one of my best friends, Kayleena! Me and her always have so much fun together!! Me, her, and a group of friends all went camping together up in the canyons of Salt Lake. It was so much fun!

So, Kaylee has a onesie....hehehe

Naturally, we HAD to try it on together!! I mean...what else would you expect us to do?? :D

With her onesie and my Barney blanket...I think we were a match made in Heaven!! hahaha

The next morning we went hiking just around where we had stayed.

This is one of my other best friends, Andy. He's great! He also went with us camping. Plus he's got an amazing truck! :)

So, that was my camping trip! First one in a while, and I'd be willing to go on another one. We slept under the stars...had stew...what more could you want? :)


So, not too long after that was conference weekend. (Which was AMAZING! One of the best conferences we've had in a while) So, a whole bunch of friends were coming up to Utah to visit! So, I went down to Provo and hung out with some of them down there, then we all drove back up here to Salt Lake together. It was so great seeing all of them!

We went to a place called "Spoon Me". It had different smoothies and things like that. It was actually really good! So, we all piled up into a car....safely of course, and totally not illegal in UT! :)

We also went to a BYU football game. And took random pictures there...of course! At one point I kidnapped a friend's camera and took a million pictures of myself. hehehe. I didn't put all of them on here because, there were just waaay too many!

We thought it'd be fun to get a picture with some of the band members who played that night...we were right! It was fun!

I stayed with Abby in her dorms that night, which was a blast! The next day I went with Abby to her grandparent's house which isn't to far from the MTC. They have this beautiful home with this gorgeous view! We also had an amazing home cooked meal! It was delicious! I love her grandparents! :)

We went back up to Salt Lake and met up with a whole bunch of girls. In this picture it's Abby, Kari, Stefani, Ashley, Cali, and ME! We had so much fun hanging out and catching up with some of our guy friends were at priesthood session.

We met up with two boys after priesthood session, Bryce and Thomas and me and Kari went off with them to hang out for a while. We walked around temple square (since that's where I live) and got this awesome picture!

This is my favorite!!

There's Thomas and Bryce! Both live in Mesa right now and are going to school. They both came up to visit for Conference.

Here's Kari and me! Kari's going to school at BYU ID. She just came down for the week-end as well, just for fun! She stayed with me that night, and we had a blast hanging out!!

I LOVED seeing all my Mesa friends, but it did make me miss the ones I wasn't able to see. It was a bittersweet moment. But, that's okay!


Me, Kayleena, and Andy all decided that we were going to go to Provo canyon to hike and do homework! :) Yes, we HAD to go there to get it all done!!

This is me and Kaylee (again) hanging out in the back of Andy's truck. WHICH, we found out, is also NOT illegal!! :) haha.

We found this great spot by a river that was really quiet and COVERED in leaves. It was so pretty.

Feet! :) Don't ask.

We had a lot of fun at Provo Canyon. and YES, I DID get homework done!! :D We also went and got sweet potatoe fries. Mmmm!! They're some of my favorites!


One night: Me, Kayleena, and Rachel (our other best friend) decided that we were going to have a sleep-over! Cause...that's what you do in college, right? Well....we were heading over the Kayleena's room (that's where we were going to do it) when.......

Me and Rachel decided we couldn't make it all the way. :) You may be wondering where we are now...aren't you. Take a good look. Closer. You're almost's the elevator!! :) We did get some funny looks...but not too many. Hey! It was like 2 in the morning! Who's that crazy to be in an elevator at THAT hour?! :D

Naturally, Kaylee wanted to join us (it was surprisingly really comfortable...that could be because I was just exhausted though!) So, we decided to take pictures. WIGGLE FACE!!

I love these two girls to death! They're such great friends to me and we always have so much fun!

Yay for college! :)