Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip With My Sister

So, last week I went to New York & Washington DC with my sister Jaimee and her boyfriend Seth. It was a lot of fun! :)

The first day that we were together.

One of the days it was pouring rain! It was kind of fun. :)

In FAO Schwartz. hahaha I pretended he was CW. He's tall and hairy...see!! Perfect likeness. :)

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

On the train going to Washington DC. On the way back, our train got canceled and it took us 5 extra hours to get home. It was CRAZY!!!

In one of the Smithsonian Museums. There were a million boy scouts everywhere!!!

It was a really fun trip and I loved spending time with my sister! :)
I did miss CW while I was gone. :( It was nice spending time out but I definitely enjoyed coming home to my sweet husband. xoxoxo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Birthday!

Yay... I'm 19!

I'm so...old! :)

CW & I went and played around in Dallas for my birthday.

Me kissing a Chinese lion statue in front of an Asian museum.

CW preparing himself for his big jump......



I think that that's a pretty cool picture if I may say so myself! :)

CW and I after his jump.

At the mall. I got myself a really cute sweater and a shirt. :) Yay for shopping!!

CW was really tired towards the end of the day.

We went to this building where there was supposed to be a whole bunch of fountains shooting off, but it wasn't going off when we went... :( oh well. It was still fun!

Me posing like a mannequin.

CW's turn to pose! haha. I like his pose much better. :)

CW in front of one of the churches we went inside to to check out.

I had such a fun birthday! I got some clothes and a lot of scrap booking stuff. But, my favorite gifts are the ones that my wonderful husband gave to me!

He gave me a Tahitian Pearl Necklace (so pretty) and tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway!! I'm sooo excited! It's going to be absolutely amazing! :)

I had a wonderful birthday and I'm excited for the fun adventures that my hubby and I will be having in my 19th year of life!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Wonderful Surprise From A Wonderful Man

I know, I'm writing another post! Amazing...right?? I'm not one to write this often! But, this is definitely blog worthy!!

So, after the world cup my husband came home telling me that he had a surprise for me. I was so excited (because I love surprises!) He opened the door and surprised me with one of the best presents ever!


I was so excited when he walked in and gave me a bouquet of flowers, for NO REASON AT ALL!! It was really sweet and I felt very special.


Now my flowers are sitting in my "vase" (which also happens to be a QT cup! I know...brilliant!)

I love my husband very much and all the surprises that he gives to me!! He's so fantastic and I love him so so much!! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

So, the salesman (including CW) had a "pool incentive". The manager got $200 worth of dollar coins and $100 worth of quarters (so, $300 total). The guys one by one went into the pool and dived in, scrambling to pick up as many coins as they could. After all of the boys took their turn, they had a free-for-all where they all jumped in the pool to get more coins. It was a lot of fun!

CW & I watching some of the other people in the pool.

My strong, sexy husband getting ready to jump into the pool.

CW scoping out the spot with the most money. :)

Me looking at pictures that I took on my phone. I look so young! haha It was early in the morning.

CW searching for coins in the water.

Steve, CW's manager, held him own so that he could have a little extra time. haha

Here's a picture of all of the boys in the pool trying to find the coins during the free-for-all.

It was so much fun!! CW made $13.50 total from the dive. SUCCESS!! :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

An unexpected change

So, here are the places I've been since the beginning of 2010:

I celebrated the New Year in Arizona.
Then I went to Utah
Then Idaho.
Back to Utah.
Back to Idaho.
Back to Utah.
Then through Wyoming to Colorado.
Back through Wyoming to Utah.
Then to Arizona!
Back up to Utah...Idaho...Utah...
Drive down to Arizona where I married the most wonderful man!
Then we went to New Mexico.
After that we were in Colorado (in a cabin where we spent the majority of our honeymoon)
We drove back through Wyoming (again) to Utah.
Then we packed and flew to New York City.
Stayed there for a little bit until we got moved to Texas.

...Yes, I am now in Texas!

Phew!! I may have missed a few "Utah...Idaho"s in there, but that's the basics of where I have traveled this year. It seems like a lot...right?

That's because it is a lot!!

So, you may be wondering (if you don't already know) why I'm living in Texas now when I was in New York just a few weeks ago.'s simple really.

CW's company moved us.

There's obviously more that brought us to that conclusion, but that's the basic jist of it. So, now I'm living in Grand Prairie, Texas (in between Fortworth and Dallas) for the rest of the summer. It was most definitely and unexpected change, but it's been a really good change for us so far. We met some amazing people here and have had a lot of fun! We're excited to go back home though. Although, just because we're going home doesn't mean we're done traveling!

Here's the itinerary for places I'm going to for the rest of the year:
New York
Washington DC
New York
New York

And...just like last year...I plan on spending the New Year in Arizona once again.

Hey...who ever said you couldn't travel your first year of marriage!! :D

So, now I am ready for all of the many adventures that we are going to have down here in Texas! Yee haw!

Life in New York City

This is just a brief overview of my & CW's life while we lived in New York. It was most definitely an adventure and a time that I'll never forget! It was exciting and times and frustrating at others, but overall I wouldn't trade that experience for anything in this entire world!!
(the above picture is at Times Square)

CW eating the statue of liberty! Omhn Omhn Omhn!

The Manhattan Temple. I had the opportunity to be one of the leaders for the cleaning this summer. It was way cool to be able to do that service at the temple and to have the experience of being able to explore (kind of) inside. :)

The Wall Street Bull! xoxo

Times Square at night. Way cool! There are so many lights EVERYWHERE!! It's so mesmerizing.

Riding on the New York Subways. That's how I traveled everywhere in New York. We had a station right outside our house. It was very convenient.

My handsome Hubby at Central Park. Mmm.

At Central Park! Love it!

Mmm. A late night at the Shake Shack. Very Yummy!

In front of one of the cathedrals with Daxton. He was one of the other wives son.

At the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). It's a wall of butts. hehehe

The Rockefeller Center

Just a picture. Not too big of a deal. :) haha

Radio City Music Hall. I had the opportunity to go and see the Sex & the City 2 Premier here. (Not the actual movie...just the stars coming in on the red carpet. It was cool!)

NBC Studios. (Their logo that I',m standing in front of is made entirely out of M& cool!)

Central Park with the hubby...again! :) What can I say? It's our absolute FAVORITE place in NYC.

Yay for New York!