Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Wow! I can't believe that September is already almost over! It's so crazy how quickly time passes by. Since my last post I've been moving in to our house (still...it's pretty much done now! yay!) and doing school stuff. Before all that though, my sister and her boyfriend came up to visit us and go to one of her friend's wedding.

Here's us at the reception:

We honestly couldn't get a really good picture of the four of us. These were the best two! hahaha It was a lot of fun having them come to visit us!

My parents also came and stayed with us for a week. I think they're having Lyndsie-Withdrawals...therefore they have to come visit me as often as they can. :) What can I say? I'm the favorite!! ;)

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of them being here yet...but my next post will include that! Hopefully. :)

In addition to having people visit us, school started! Yay! (insert sarcasm here). It wouldn't be too bad except for the fact that I'm trying to graduate this April which means I have to take 17 credits this semester. Yikes! Hopefully all goes well and I'll have that nice little piece of paper that tells people I'm accomplished or something. :) Here's a picture of me on my first day of school! We have a picture of CW somewhere aaround here...but I can't find it at the moment. Oh well.

Right now I'm still going to the LDS Business College where I am getting my Business Degree with an Emphasis on Entrepreneurship and a certificate in Sales and Accounting. Sigh. Yeah, I'm pretty busy.

Cw is going to the University of Utah right now. He's double majoring in Political Science and Economics. After he graduates (which won't be for another 2-3 years) he wants to get an MBA. After all that, he would really enjoy going into International Business.

We love the neighborhood we live in, the ward we go to for church, and even our tiny tiny apartment. It's most definitely a fun (and sometimes stressful) time in our lives....so we're trying to make the most of it!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

August Rush

No, I'm not talking about the movie... I'm talking about mine & my hubby's life, of course! Because this August, we have certainly been RUSHED!

Cw & I went to New York with my parents at the beginning of August, we've moved away from TX back to UT (finally!), we're moving our stuff back into our apartment, FINALLY got to open up our wedding presents and start using them (it was like Christmas & our wedding day all over again...AMAZING!), CW started school and already has mass amounts of homework, and my sister is coming up and staying with me next weekend because one of her best friends is getting married.

Yay August!

So, since it's been a little bit, I'm going to start back and go through our trip...mind you, this may take a bit of time. And A LOT of pictures. Just imagine me (who takes 400 pictures in a day) plus my mom (who takes 500 pictures a day) plus my dad (who encourages us to take 600 pictures a day) plus CW (who is just so dang photogenic!) and you equal a million of amazing pictures and a ton of great memories! So, here it goes:

In New York, we had a ton of fun!

We went to the top of the Empire State Building at night! It was so amazing!

We took a walk in Central Park. (I love this picture! I think we look so cute.)

We went to Liberty Park AND got to go up into the crown of the Statue of Liberty! It was sooo cool! A big thanks to my mom who got the tickets to do that months in advanced!

The wall street bull. hehehe He touched the butt! (Nemo...classic!)

A jumping picture in front of the Statue of Liberty. Love it! Jumping pictures are my absolute favorite! They are so cool!

The magnificent Statue of Liberty!

We got to go see The Phantom of the Opera for both my mom's and my birthday! It was absolutely AMAZING! We were sitting in the second row and the chandelier fell on us! Awesome! I highly recommend it.

After Phantom of the Opera, we went and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. Yummy! Just thinking about all of the amazing food that we had in New York (like the Shake Shack...which is one of my new all-time favorites!) makes me hungry! :)

We also walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Its got an awesome view.

Finally, here's the bakery that I worked at! You know, the one that I applied for, was hired, then fired, then re-hired, then fired, then re-hired again a third time, I worked there for about a week, and then I quit because CW and I moved to TX...

good times. :)

So, that was our trip to New York. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we had the opportunity to go!

okay, so you probably think that I'm really weird because we took a picture of a toilet. And once you learn the reason, I'm sure you'll think that we're HUGE nerds. BUT! In the Chicago airport, they had toilets with the plastic already on it. All you had to do was wave your hand over it, and it automatically changed! It was so cool!

So, we went back to TX and before we left, we went to go see the temple. It's a really small temple, and unfortunately it was closed...but it was still a lot of fun to go see!

Here's us in front of the temple...sort of. We're in front of the gates that are in front of the temple. It's weird that a temple is closed! I'm used to the Mesa and Salt Lake Temples where the ground are open every day of the week until late at night! Oh well.

And finally...we got into a truck and started heading back to UT! YAY!! (We were originally going to fly back to UT, but one of CW's friends had to go back early and asked if we'd drive his truck back for him. It actually worked out a million times better for us in the end...so it was perfect!)

It was a really fun trip home! We got to stay the night at CW's parents house. It was so wonderful to see them! Especially, CW's sister, Shannel, who is leaving for Russia tomorrow to teach English to those wonderful children over there! I am so excited for her! It is going to be such a wonderful experience for her!

The truck was FULL of stuff! (both our stuff and CW's friend's stuff!) I honestly can't believe how much stuff we have! It's crazy!

At one point, our tarp was falling off in the back, so we had to pull over to the side of the road while CW got out and fixed it in the back. There he is in the rear-view mirror tying it back up! :) Isn't he wonderful! :D

At another point of the trip, we were stopped in traffic for an HOUR! It was completely ridiculous! At one point, CW got out of the car and started walking around. After much persuasion, I got out of the car with him. Here's CW just hanging out while we were waiting for the cars to FINALLY start moving again! It took FOR-EV-ER! (hehehe a little bit of the Sandlot there)

It was absolutely gorgeous weather on the way home! Going from super hot and humid Texas (think 105 degrees and 80% humidity...EW) through to dry and cool Utah (think 80 degrees and 0% humidity) was a wonderful transition that I was more than happy to make!

So, there you have it! Our trip to New York with my parents, a visit to the Dallas Temple, seeing CW's parents, staying with my grandma one night and CW's brother another night, and finally making it all the way back to UT! It's been most certainly a fun August!

And after a ton of pictures and three movie references (hehehe), I've finally finished another blog post. Perfecto!

Coming Soon! Pictures of our new apartment. Yipee!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip With My Sister

So, last week I went to New York & Washington DC with my sister Jaimee and her boyfriend Seth. It was a lot of fun! :)

The first day that we were together.

One of the days it was pouring rain! It was kind of fun. :)

In FAO Schwartz. hahaha I pretended he was CW. He's tall and hairy...see!! Perfect likeness. :)

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

On the train going to Washington DC. On the way back, our train got canceled and it took us 5 extra hours to get home. It was CRAZY!!!

In one of the Smithsonian Museums. There were a million boy scouts everywhere!!!

It was a really fun trip and I loved spending time with my sister! :)
I did miss CW while I was gone. :( It was nice spending time out but I definitely enjoyed coming home to my sweet husband. xoxoxo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Birthday!

Yay... I'm 19!

I'm so...old! :)

CW & I went and played around in Dallas for my birthday.

Me kissing a Chinese lion statue in front of an Asian museum.

CW preparing himself for his big jump......



I think that that's a pretty cool picture if I may say so myself! :)

CW and I after his jump.

At the mall. I got myself a really cute sweater and a shirt. :) Yay for shopping!!

CW was really tired towards the end of the day.

We went to this building where there was supposed to be a whole bunch of fountains shooting off, but it wasn't going off when we went... :( oh well. It was still fun!

Me posing like a mannequin.

CW's turn to pose! haha. I like his pose much better. :)

CW in front of one of the churches we went inside to to check out.

I had such a fun birthday! I got some clothes and a lot of scrap booking stuff. But, my favorite gifts are the ones that my wonderful husband gave to me!

He gave me a Tahitian Pearl Necklace (so pretty) and tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway!! I'm sooo excited! It's going to be absolutely amazing! :)

I had a wonderful birthday and I'm excited for the fun adventures that my hubby and I will be having in my 19th year of life!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Wonderful Surprise From A Wonderful Man

I know, I'm writing another post! Amazing...right?? I'm not one to write this often! But, this is definitely blog worthy!!

So, after the world cup my husband came home telling me that he had a surprise for me. I was so excited (because I love surprises!) He opened the door and surprised me with one of the best presents ever!


I was so excited when he walked in and gave me a bouquet of flowers, for NO REASON AT ALL!! It was really sweet and I felt very special.


Now my flowers are sitting in my "vase" (which also happens to be a QT cup! I know...brilliant!)

I love my husband very much and all the surprises that he gives to me!! He's so fantastic and I love him so so much!! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

So, the salesman (including CW) had a "pool incentive". The manager got $200 worth of dollar coins and $100 worth of quarters (so, $300 total). The guys one by one went into the pool and dived in, scrambling to pick up as many coins as they could. After all of the boys took their turn, they had a free-for-all where they all jumped in the pool to get more coins. It was a lot of fun!

CW & I watching some of the other people in the pool.

My strong, sexy husband getting ready to jump into the pool.

CW scoping out the spot with the most money. :)

Me looking at pictures that I took on my phone. I look so young! haha It was early in the morning.

CW searching for coins in the water.

Steve, CW's manager, held him own so that he could have a little extra time. haha

Here's a picture of all of the boys in the pool trying to find the coins during the free-for-all.

It was so much fun!! CW made $13.50 total from the dive. SUCCESS!! :)