Monday, March 1, 2010

Who Does This Ever Happen To, If Not Me??

"CW" plays in a band. He's the lead guitarist and is super good. (and I promise I'm not biased) haha This Thursday he played in a show called Guitars Unplugged that's put on by BYU-Idaho. They start off with somewhere around 100 auditions. Out of those 100, 16 are chosen to play Thursday Night and another 16 are chosen to play Friday Night. (CW's band got chosen to play on Thursday Night!) The, out of those two shows, they pick the best of the best and they have 16 come back and play Saturday Night! They set it up for Saturday so that the best play last. CW and his band played fourth to last on Saturday Night! The concert on Saturday Night had about 4000 people who came. Yeah, my boy played in his band in front of 4000 people! (He also blew me a kiss at the very end...I felt very special) It was a lot of fun!

So, that night we started to head home from Rexburg to Idaho Falls. CW & I were in my car and his sister Shannel (who was visiting from CO) was following us in CW's car. We were coming off the highway when we hit a pot hole. Now, for my Pontiac Grand Am, it's not a big deal. Nothing happens to that car. Like ever. (Knock on wood) But, poor Shannel who was following us in CW's small '87 Acura Integra hit it, and she hit it hard. We saw her pulling over, so we pulled over as well, turned on our hazard lights and got out. She had gotten a flat tire.

We got out CW's spare tire and jacked up his car, took the lug nuts off, the whole deal. But, when we tried to pull off the tire it wouldn't budge. Cw was shaking the entire car and it still wouldn't budge. It was past midnight by this point and freezing cold outside. So, we pushed the car to the side of the road and decided we'd come back in the morning to figure it out. So, we go back to my car (all three of us). As I'm climbing in, I'm realizing that my car is dark and I don't hear any noise coming from it. I turned to CW and asked, "Wait...shouldn't it be running??" We look down and CW tries to re-start it. My battery died.

That's right.
Not only can I lock my keys in my car...but I have to run out of gas.
Not only can we get a flat tire, but my battery has to die.

So, we called up his cousin who lived about 10-20 minutes away and asked him if he could come and jump start our car. When he got there it was about 1am and we were all exhausted. We get the car running and drive home. I don't think I got to bed that night until about 2 in the morning.

Luckily, CW did go back the next day and switch his tire. (He had to take and hammer and pounded on it repeatedly and really hard!) So, that was my week-end. The concert was fantastic! If you have a chance, go on facebook and try to look it up! :D