Wednesday, September 7, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things!

If you weren't singing when you read my blog title, then I invite you to go back up and re-read it, this time with a tune in your head. Can't think of the tune? I'll give you a hint: Sound of Music. That's all I'm saying.

So, nothing too exciting has happened to me recently, so I decided to write about a few of my favorite things: Books, Movies, and Harry Potter.

I'll start with Movies. I love watching movies. Since I graduated from school, I think I've watched a movie a day. (not an exaggeration!) I just loving having a movie going on. Whether I'm sitting down and watching it, or just having it play in the background so I can listen while I'm doing other things.

A couple of my favorite movies would include Sherlock Holmes (which I'm sooo incredibly excited for the next one to come out!) and Tangled (probably one of my favorite Disney Movies ever!) There seems to be so many good movies coming out to, but alas, the movie theaters are not my friend. However, Redbox is my friend! Oh how I love Redbox and free codes! :) I signed up with Redbox to recieve a free code once a month. Probably the most exciting day out of the whole month!

Recently, I've been reading through and watching all of the Harry Potter books and movies, which bring me to my second favorite thing: Harry Potter. When I was little, my mom bought me the first Harry Potter book. I hated it. I read about 2 chapters and told her the book wasn't for me. Then, in fourth grade, my teacher read to us a chapter from Harry Potter every day. I was forced to listen. And when  the book was over, I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it. So, I asked my mom for the second book. I got it, I read a couple of chapters and decided, once again, that this series just wasn't for me.

So, several months later, I was sitting at home by myself (I believe my parents were on a date that night) and I decided to pick up the book again and give it one last try. A couple hours later, I finished the second book and as soon as my parents got home I rushed them out to the store so I could buy the third book. I discovered that I LOVED this series. It was my muse.

As each of the books came out, I was always one of the first people in line to get them. Our lives revolved around Harry Potter.I know exactly where I was when each book came out. I remember having to buy the fourth book before my family's trip up to Utah to drop my sister off at school (BYU). I remember being in the target in Saint George, UT, running through, racing my cousin (who hadn't even finished the fourth book yet) trying to get to the book first. I do NOT remember, however, knocking my cousin into the women's lingerie section when he started to beat me and run faster than I could (but my sister and dad CLAIMED that it happened). I even remember when the seventh book came out, the week of girls camp, sitting there glaring at my dad who would sit and read it in front of everyone, even though I was not allowed to bring the book up myself.

And when the movies came out, life was even better! The first movie came out when I was ten, so I felt as though I was growing up with these characters. I had various crushes on all of the them (well, mostly harry or malfoy). Life was good.

Now, the final movie has come out and I'm feeling nostalgic. I'm not QUITE as obsessed as Harry Potter as I used to be (although if the chance came up again, I would push my cousin down, no problem). But, as a reminder of those goods times when I was growing up, I've started back at the first book again and am watching all of the movies.

Because of Harry Potter, I found a love for all books. I have a soft spot in my heart for all fiction/fantasy books. Another one of my favorite series is the "Poison Study" series by Maria Snyder. I think that she's a really good author and I love the plot. It's about a girl, who is in prison, is given a chance to live as the Commander's Poison Taster. But, as it goes on, she finds that someone is after her, trying to kill her. Along the way she makes great friends (and there's a little bit of romance involved, as well).

I also loved the "Hunger Games" series. I know it sounds scary (it's about kids who are thrown into an arena and have to kill each other or be killed) but it's so good! I'm excited for this movie to come out too, although I don't know exactly how they're going to make it pg-13. (at least it better be!)

I've never been a huge fan of historical fiction, until I recently read "The Help". That book was amazing! It tells the story of black maids during the civil rights era down in Jackson, Mississippi. Anyone who hasn't read it yet needs to and I can not wait to see the movie (when it comes into Redbox, of course!) Going to the library is one of my favorite activities and I just love reading new books.

If we're on the topic of LDS romance fiction, my favorite is "Meg's Melody" by and outstanding author Kaylee Baldwin. It's about a girl who's husband leaves her. Not too long after, she discovers that she's pregnant. It's a feel-good story with a lot of cheesy romance that I absolutely love!

Finally, the last thing I want to mention is a new blog that's out there that got me thinking about all of this. It's called

(you can see a link to it down under my "best blogs for book reviews" if this one doesn't work)

It's a blog dedicated to contemporary young adult books. They do giveaways, book reviews, and much more. It's pretty dang awesome and the people who developed the blog are really cool too. (and fun to read). Most of them (if not all of them) are published authors or writing on books themselves.If you love books and getting things for FREE, you should check it out and follow it. (And NO, I am not one of the moderators, I just think it's a cool idea!)

What's your favorite book or movie? 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Free At Last!

Well, I haven't written in a while. But, this time, I'm not embarrassed or sad about it. Because this summer I finished school.

Yep. Finished.

Well...kind of. I have an associates degree and several "certificates" now. I like to pretend and tell people that I'm done "forever". It makes me feel good.

However, I'm sure that that's not the truth. I'll probably eventually go back and continue my degree.

But let's not talk about such sad thoughts for now.

Instead of filling my day with hopeless, endless piles of worthless homework (I mean, seriously...when will I EVER need to know how to expand binomials) I am now filling it with things I actually enjoy.

For example:
-I spend a majority of my day dancing around singing "Mamma Mia" by ABBA on the top of my lungs.
-I do a minimal amount of cleaning so that I can feel somewhat productive,
-I scrapbook,
-I look longingly at my patterns for sewing a quilt, wishing I had just a little bit more money to buy all of the materials i need (although we did just get our grant money...I"M RICH!),
-I cook delicious meals,
-I sing and dance around the house a little more,
-I feel just a little embarrassed when CW walks into our house seeing me singing and dancing around like a maniac (only a little though),
-I color pictures (yes, I'm five),
-I watch lots of movies,
-and now I'm finally getting back into blogging!

Basically, I'm just super happy all around. CW tells me pretty much every day "Wow, Lyndsie. You're so much happier now that you're out of school! I barely recognize this new person."


Well, at least I'm enjoyable to be around now! :) So, at least while I can, I'm going to continue living life up!

What do you like to do when you have spare time? Any suggestions for me that's both inexpensive and fun?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Long Time, No See

Wow. Can you say LAME-O?? Cause that's what I thought about the person who has neglected to update her blog since SEPTEMBER!

Oh wait......

That person was ME!

Oops! :)

Well, here's just a quick update about what the last several months have been for me:


CW and I went to a Nerd Theme Halloween party, which was a lot of fun!


We went on our "Second First Date". CW and I went on our first date November 5, 2009. Crazy, huh!

We also went to CW's parent's home for Thanksgiving. I had the opportunity to cut down my very first Christmas Tree and we had awesome food! :) Lots of fun,


We spent half of Christmas at CW's parents house (which included opening presents and an awesome Nerf War) and the other house at my parents house. (Yes, we flew from Colorado to Arizona on Christmas Day.)

For Christmas, my parents bought all of the adults tickets to go to Disneyland! It was so much fun. I've never been over Christmas before, so it was really cool. Super busy though. :\

Here's some pictures from Disneyland:

Me, CW, my sister Kaylee, and my Brother-in-Law Jeremy after going on Splash Mountain. Yes, we were aware that it was December. :) Much more fun.

CW, me, Seth (Jaimee's then Boyfriend), and my sister Jaime on the Matterhorn. Such a rough ride, but a ton of fun.

Just CW and I. :)


We did many things like go on a hike, play around, have fun! Nothing too special.


Valentine's Day! CW was very sweet. He bought me a flower and we went to the Planetarium and played around.

It also snowed a TON! So,we decided to try and enjoy it while it lasted. (Unfortunately, it lasted much longer than I had hoped for.)

Us sledding in the snow. It was fun, but cold!

Jaimee (my sister) also got engaged in February to Seth Carpenter! My family was all so excited! We love Seth. :) I had the opportunity to go down to AZ for my sister's Bridal Shower.

Jaimee at her Bridal Shower. I was kind enough to make sure she got to wear a sash and tiara with a veil on the back of it! haha. :)


Jaimee's wedding! CW and I drove down to AZ to see their marriage. It was a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful couple! I love them both! They're so awesome!

Jaimee and Seth in front of the Mesa Temple on their Wedding Day. Absolutely breath-taking.

I also got my hair cut this month! Most people have seen it now, but in case you haven't:



I love the short hair! It's so cool and refreshing. I honestly don't remember how I survived those hot Arizona Summers with my long thick hair before! I'm so grateful that I can pretty much pull off any hair cut that I want to! hahaha.


Well, this month started off amazing with my and CW's one year anniversary! I can't believe it's been over a year already! AMAZING! We've had so much fun and so many adventures in the past year. I can honestly say I'm truly excited for another year (Just hopefully it won't be AS intense as last year! haha)

For our anniversary, we built a fort in our home and watched Tangled. (One of my new favorite Princess movies EVER! In fact, I'm watching it now while I blog and scrapbook! haha)

We also went for a "hike" in the mountains. It was super deep with snow, so it was more just walking around.

Us on our one year anniversary in the mountains. I'm so glad I'm married to an amazing man!

In April I also GRADUATED! 


I walked anyway. I'm still taking a few classes over the summer to finish up all of my credits, but I walked. We had Elder Russel M Nelson as our commencment speaker (which was amazing!) I'm so grateful I stuck it out at the business college. Once the summer is over, I will have a General Studies Associates Degree! Whoo hoo!

On the Temple Grounds after my graduation. My parents came up to see me walk and CW's mom and brother came. It was fun and I'm grateful they could all be there!

We also went to the Red Butte on Arbor Day. It was cold, but really pretty! We had a ton of tun together.

At the Red Butte Garden in front of the thousands of Tulips they have there!


And finally, we reach this month! CW and I went on our first hike of the summer. We were supposed to see a waterfall, but we got lost. :( Oh well, that just means we have to go back! haha

Here's us on the hike. It was a beautiful hike, and I'm excited to see it again! (the real part of it! hahaha)

So, that's pretty much it! It's been a fun several months and I'm glad I could spend it with my best friend!